Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small Accomplishments

I've done some scrap sorting today. I'm almost done, only 2 more bins. Too bad I didn't start out organizing my scraps instead of throwing them all together. I could have spent this time sewing. Lesson learned. I have a lot more blue scraps than any other color. So I've had to make some changes to my original scrap storage plan. It's really strange because I have mostly pinks and greens in my yardage stash.
Tonight I will sew the binding on the UFO I just finished hand quilting. Yippee! One UFO done only 20 to go! LOL
I was going to work on my Sherbet quilt, but I've had to put that aside. I thought it would make a nice baby gift, but I found out the baby is a boy. So yesterday I pulled these fabrics from my stash and I'm trying to decide on a pattern. Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions. I was thinking about a controlled string quilt or Broken dishes. I still have some time, I think the baby is due in June.
Lastly, it looks as though we're in for another snow storm. Spring just can't get here soon enough. (this is for my DD, Morgan) Happy Quilting! Yes it's a Holiday!


Laura said...

I love playing with my scraps. Good job on getting yours organized and on the UFO finish. I would vote for a controlled string quilt for the baby. I think that would be a more fun pattern for a baby than the broken dishes. I'm sure whichever way you go it will turn out great.

Vesuviusmama said...

Is it possible to be ever caught up with sorting your scraps? Even though I am pretty good about cutting up my own scraps as I go, I inherit so many scraps that they are never all organized. I'm not complaining, though, because everytime I go through those scrap bags I come out with something new and exciting.