Friday, July 30, 2010

T.G.I.F. !

Remember this picture? Well today's post is not really a" Thank Goodness It's Finished" but rather I finally get to share it. This baby bento box quilt was made for my neighbor, who just had a baby boy. I didn't want to post it before now because I didn't want to spoil the surprise. I hope she likes the colors I chose (I'm not one of those pink for girls blue for boys people).

I'm pretty pleased with the result. I will definitely be making another bento box quilt in the future!
The fabrics I used are Connecting Threads, Joann, Robert Kaufman, Fabri-Quilt and one other that I have no information on. Two of these fabrics have been in my stash forever! I think it's great how you can mix the old with the new and it all works!
Hurray for my stash! (always knew there was a good reason for a closet full of fabric).

Have a great weekend!


Raewyn said...

Fabulous quilt!! And I agree, we don't always need to do the traditional baby colours - these ones look perfect; I hope your neighbour was pleased to receive it?

Em said...

Can I be your neighbor with a new baby? I love the colors because they are a typical but yet have BOY written all over them!!!!! I am never good at keeping secrets and blog too early out of excitement!!! Happy Day, Char.

Mary said...

It's lovely, I made a half log cabin like this for my DIL several years ago in Reds and Purples...all from stash except the border I put on it. It's times like these that I LOVE my stash!