Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

The Wayback Wednesday quilt today is not really legit. It is old, but it is not finished. I'm machine quilting this as you're reading. I needed to finish this quilt for a triangle challenge on my Scrap Bags group. As usual even though the majority of the piecing was completed years ago, I waited until the last minute to quilt and bind it. My deadline is tomorrow.
I think the reason it hadn't been finished is because I don't like it. There, I said it! I think it's ugly and the back is uglier still. It's a scrap quilt as quite a few of my quilts are, but it really could have used more brights. Also some larger scale prints. It's awfully dark.
If you look closely you will notice there are many fabrics you've seen here before. There's the yellow print from the dolls dress and the Scottie quilt. There are a few prints from the Oklahoma Backroads quilt and even a few from the quilt in the header. Sad thing is I still have more of some of them. Yikes! Maybe time to donate them.
Jasmine and I have a new friend. Can you guess? It's the Supreme Slider. I really didn't think I needed one until I was machine quilting the blue and gold pineapple quilt. I think it was the fabric I chose for the backing. It was very difficult to move that quilt, and it wasn't the size because it's a small quilt. So I gave in and ordered it. Wow, what I difference I'm sorry I waited so long. If you're on the fence about ordering it, I highly recommend it!
Happy Quilting!

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