Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

Since the weather here is changing, I thought you might like to see one of my UFOs that reminds me of warmer weather. Doesn't this remind you of a picnic on a nice Spring or Summer day. Well only 5 or 6 more months until it's picnic time again. Maybe by then I'll have this quilt finished! This Fan quilt was made from a pattern by Fons and Porter. It's called Fancy Fans, from the book Quick Quilts from the Heart. Of course it doesn't look much like the pattern. Me being one of those who doesn't like to follow along completely! When I started this quilt I was so excited. Don't know what happened, but my tastes have changed so much now it's kind of hard to finish it. I'm going to try very hard to work on this in January after all the holiday madness is over. I hope!
Are you thinking of Spring or looking forward to Snow?


Betty said...

I can hardly wait for Spring and Winter isn't really in full swing yet!! Love the layout of the fans. It does remind me of Spring and it's a nice project to work on while you wait for Spring to arrive.

Stephanie said...

Soft and pretty. Actually I'm looking forward to the upcoming Winter weather...just wish it lasted only a month!

Em said...

Char, I love our mild winters but definitely looking forward to spring! The placement of the fans is very fun!