Friday, December 17, 2010

T.G.I.F. !

This really is a T.G.I.F.! We're finished painting and I got some decorating done!
But today's post is about finishes in the sewing room. This is a little wrap I made for crochet hooks. I'd made one for myself a few years back and my sister requested one for her best friend. I'm sorry there are no pictures of the inside because I was having trouble with the red fabric and the flash.

This is a hat I crocheted for one of my sister's grands. I altered the pattern a little. The original was a color block thing I didn't really like.

 Here is best use of scraps ever! Even the tiniest of scraps. This is my rag garland! It's almost finished, only a few more feet to go.
It is so much fun to make my daughter even joined in on the fun.

Excuse the furry feet in this picture I guess Dusti wanted to join in on the fun also!I will post pictures of the paint job and the Christmas decorations soon.

Have a great weekend!

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Vesuviusmama said...

Great finishes! I think I'm going to need to learn how to make a rag garland, maybe for next year. My scraps are taking over my life!