Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I’m working really hard trying to make things for a Multicultural Bazaar in a few weeks.

Scrap Thingy's 330 Sorry, this isn’t the best picture.

Scrap Thingy's 331

Scrap Thingy's 336

As usual I’m making things difficult for myself. I was supposed to sew this binding to the back so I could machine top stitch it down and save myself some time. Needless to say now I will be hand stitching it.

Scrap Thingy's 334

Scrap Thingy's 333


Betty said...

The black and tan looks interesting. What pattern did you use? I like to stitch my binding to the back and top stitch the front when I am in a hurry. But I also sometimes forget and have to do the hand stitching. It can be stitched in the ditch from the front, but when I try it, I usually miss some spots and make a mess. I figure at that point it would take just as long to take it out and redo it as it would to hand stitch.

BJ said...

Best laid plans.... your pieces are great. I'm sure they will be snatched up quickly. As for the handstitching... put on a good movie and enjoy while you stitch away.

Mary said...

Love that striped binding!

scraphappy said...

Fun fabric for the multicultural bazaar. I've never gotten the hang of binding by machine. I enjoy the hand stitching though it does seem to take so long to do.

rubyslipperz said...

Handstitching the binding to the back...has always been a part of the quilt that I look forward to. It's relaxing for me even when pressed for time and I have to hurry a bit.

I really like the fabric choices. They are very interesting and unique. I'm sure that it will be snatched up quickly. =)