Monday, January 31, 2011

Working Away In the Sewing Room

 We're expecting another 2 days of storms this week. Starting tonight! I will be working with these Batiks and a few others.

I've started this new afghan!

And this is next!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rainbow Scrap Challenge BLUE

I was a bit late joining so I don't have much finished. I hope this will become a potholder. These are leftover strips from bookmarks and pieced snowball blocks I used on a tote.
 This a mini wall hanging ready to quilt. I used 4 leftover snowballs for this one.
This one (which I've shown before) consists of random strips from the the blue strip bin and some Osnaburg.
I've enjoyed working with the blue scraps and can't wait to see what next months color will be.

Since today is my birthday I get to spend the whole day in the sewing room. Yippee!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Me!

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!  We're snowed in again just like last year!

I just stopped by to say thank you so much. I've reached 100 followers!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Again

This is the view from my front porch. It's the calm between the storms. There's about 4 inches of new snow on top of the many many 4 and 5 inch snows we've had for the past few weeks. We are expecting about 8 more inches this evening! Yikes!

Those of you who have followed me from the beginning might remember this afghan. Well it's finally finished. This one is destined for charity and since it looks as though we'll be snowed in again I'll start a new one this evening. I'm going to make something really bright!  I'm going to start thinking about Spring. It's never to early to wish for the lovely colors of Spring flowers.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Giveaway

Ooo Ooo Ooo, I finally figured it out! I've been busy searching for something for a special giveaway and it hasn't been easy. First I thought something Lime Green (I'm really liking that color lately) like a batik fat quarter and thread. Didn't like that idea. Next idea was a new quilt pattern, but I don't usually buy quilt patterns. Then while I was sitting here in my sewing room and running out of time it hit me!
I will give away one of the many totes I've made! So here goes.

Saturday is my birthday and you will be the one to receive a gift.
You have your choice of the blue paisley Morgan tote bag or the blue and green Malinda tote bag.
The rules are very simple this time. Just leave a comment and I will have the Random Generator choose a winner on Friday February 4th.

Thank you so much for following my blog!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Needed Some Color

It's a pretty bad day here as far as the weather. We have a little of everything, snow, sleet and rain. Yucky!
It's looking kind of bright in my sewing room though. I've finished a few more blocks, this picture isn't very good the colors are much brighter. I will make 1-2 more of each color. If I only make 2 of each color this quilt will have a big border and I don't think I want that. So I'm really leaning towards 3 of each color. They're so easy to make, I should finish them soon. 
Also I made a little table runner. I have more blue strings than any other color. So here I've paired them with some Osnaburg. I cleaned and re-organized the closet in my sewing room. Wow, some of the things I found I didn't even remember. Lots of scraps from costumes and clothing I'd made my daughter. I found a fleece jacket I'd made for myself and all it needed was button holes. I even found the buttons. This is how I found the Osnaburg. It's very old. I found lots of linen also but no neutral colors, and the cotton knit! I will keep all of the linen but, I have 4 boxes of knit, twill and fleece that will be donated to a nice home! Oh and some poly cottons from back in my doll making days!
I'm thinking of doing a bit of hand embroidery on this one while I watch TV with my wonderful husband this weekend.

I'm working on a giveaway for my birthday at the end of the month. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

The Random Generator chose # 43. Billie Bee is the winner of the Pretty Bird fabric.
                                               Congratulations Billie Bee!
Thank you all for participating in the giveaway!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Strings for Charity

Ok, these are the first of the string blocks for the charity quilt. I've decided on a steel gray for the center of each block. Also each block is a 9'' square and only one color. So far I'm pretty pleased with them. The next blocks will be green, aqua, blue and purple. This quilt is probably going to have gray borders and I have chosen a multi color stripe for the binding.

 I thought you might like to see one of my wonderful husbands Amaryllis plants which is just now starting to open. It's wonderful to have flowers blooming in the house while we have piles of snow outside!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scraps, My Favorite Kind of Fabric!

Remember these blocks from the Sew Scraps Along Challenge? Well this is what they look like now. After finally getting all the Christmas decorations put away, I got a few minutes in the sewing room. YES!
Now I can't wait to get it quilted. What do you think? I'm thinking maybe just some organic line quilting.

This week I hope to work on a string quilt. I have set a goal for myself to try and donate one quilt or afghan to charity each month this year. I know that's a lot of work but I do have a few tops now that only need quilting. So that should help. I also have 2 afghans in progress.

Don't forget about the giveaway. You still have time. It closes on the 15th.

Friday, January 7, 2011

After Christmas

After days and days of trying to ignore it, I've finally realized that I have to "undo " the tree! Every time I come down stairs from my sewing room it's still there. I 've tried cleaning the upstairs, cleaning out my sewing room closet (bad idea) winding yarn to get ready for crochet projects. Nothing worked. It's not going to magically disappear, even though I thought that's how it worked! So that's what I'm doing today and I hope to have a few hours left at the end of the day to get some sewing done. Maybe, if I'm really lucky.
Don't forget the giveaway! There could be another coming up soon, as I have a birthday at the end of the month.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Finish? and Anniversary Giveaway

This is my first finished for 2011! Well almost, I need to finish hand sewing the binding.
I did a little hand embroidery on this one. It's a Valentine table runner which will soon find it's way to the shop. This was made with some of the many fabrics I bought for the Pink swap.

 Now for the giveaway! For my 1 year blog anniversary I've chosen 5 fat quarters of Pillow and Maxfield's Pretty Bird fabric.
If you'd like to have this fabric, you have 3 chances to win!
1. Leave a comment telling me what your first finish is or will be for 2011
2. Blog about this giveaway.
3. Become a follower.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
Good luck to you all.
This giveaway is open until Jan. 15th.