Monday, December 3, 2012

Before and After


While preparing for Sandy I asked my DH to move my little white chair into the garage. His response was it should be alright because the tree is there to protect it from the wind.

                  QUILTS! 002

You can see the base of the tree in the lower right corner. That bare patch in the left corner is the mulch surrounding my Hydrangea.

                   photo (13)

Here’s what it looks like now as the tree service prepares it for removal along with the other 5! That clump to the left of the base is what’s left of the Hydrangeas.

I’d say it’s a good thing I insisted he removed the chair!

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1 comment:

B J Elder said...

Oh my! I'm glad at least the chair was saved, but such a shame to lose the tree and hydrangeas.
(When I saw your post title I thought it was going to be the before fabrics you had in yesterday's blog and what you did with them. What a surprise to me! LOL)