Friday, February 8, 2013

What to do When it Snows

If you are on the east coast like me you will probably be spending some time indoors this weekend. I have lots of things to do. Some not so much fun (cleaning and laundry) but many fun things too.

I have tried to learn to knit since I was a teen. Looks like that’s going to be one of those things I can never do well. Two years ago I got this as a Christmas gift. I’ve wanted to knit socks forever. So this loom is the only way that will happen.

                photo (91) 

I hope to spend some quality time with this loom and have something to show you next week.

I took a little trip to my local Joann because thread was on sale and I needed some Gutermann. The fabric seems to be getting better there. I’ve never been a fabric snob I’ll use anything that is good quality, don’t care where it comes from. I really do like some of the new stuff I’m seeing. So I had to get these chevrons and dots but like I promised I used my gift card. I don’t want anyone to think I went off my fabric diet. Lol

                 photo (90)

Those of you in the path of the storm be careful. Stay indoors if possible!


B J Elder said...

I do hope the storm won't be as drastic as they are hinting at. Glad you are all set to stay warm and cozy in your house.
That's a big loom! I remember spool knitting when I was a kid, this looks similar just at a larger scale.
And those fabrics -- they are wonderful! Sounds like a great day thread shopping!

LynCC said...

Hope the storm behaves itself and gives you a good roar without real damage!

Dee said...

Those are pretty! Congrats on scoring them!

Stay safe. Here in Cornland, Indiana...we get blizzards of Biblical proportions!

Sew lots and have fun!

Pinkadot Quilts said...

I am happy to be snowed in to sew. We are in the 4-7" range.
I am really curious about how you are going to knit socks on the loom.....

Stephanie said...

You can call your weekend a Snow and Sew! I hope it doesn't become an annual event. Looking forward to seeing your progress with your loom.

Shay said...

I'll be watching your loom sock project with interest. I can knit but I cant do socks although I'd love to.

The east coast storms are even making the news over here so they must be pretty awful. Stay safe!