Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What’s Working on Wednesday

I’d like to say lots of things have been working but that’s not true. Maybe it’s the cloudy, ugly rainy weather we’ve been having but the only thing I did since Monday was tidy up the sewing room a bit.

On Saturday I did make a table runner with part of a Moda precut I won a while back at Vroomans. This was leftover and I’m making a candle mat/mug rug for myself, just needs quilting.

                 Creations 265

DH and I took a trip to Ikea on Sunday. I needed a lamp for the family room so I could do handwork while I keep him company in front of the TV. The previous lamp has found it’s way to Arcadia University with a certain college student. I never leave that store without buying things I didn’t go in for. So I came home with a new Aqua colored spray bottle, 5 journals to cover and a nice new cushion for my sewing chair. Ahhh, boy did that cushion make a difference! Thank you Ikea!

I finished the border on my Cinderella shawl and blocked it last night. Ta Da!

                CROCHET 373

                CROCHET 374

I enjoyed making this shawl and will probably make it again only larger.

I’m linking up with Quiltsy today.


B J Elder said...

The fabrics for your mat are gorgeous! And the shawl -- beautiful! You do such great work.
Wish we had an Ikea closer, or perhaps it is good we don't? LOL Sounds like you found some useful and fun treasures.

Dee said...

Your shawl is beautiful! Do you ever sell them?

Your fabric choices are always cheerful and make me happy!

Shay said...

Trips to Ikea are always fraught with danger for me...My credit card seems to take a hammering because they have so many cool things at such great prices. I’m looking for a new lamp at the moment too not because I have one that was “re-homed” but because I just love lamps.

I absolutely love your shawl. It looks so delicate and pretty!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Charmaine, your shawl is lovely!