Thursday, July 31, 2014



I know you’ve seen these pieces from time to time on my blog. They are 2 1/2” square leaders and enders that I’ve pieced over about a year or so.

         photo (6)

When I pieced the first one I had no idea where this was headed but an idea soon popped into my head. I spent part of yesterday putting the body together and now I just need to add borders.

           photo (19)

I’m pretty pleased with how it looks so far. I really love scraps!


           photo (20)

This is Mushroom the cat and his toy monkey Taffy. Made by my DD. He sleeps in an old mint tin and has taken up residence in my sewing room. Isn’t he the cutest?


Stephanie said...

Such a fun and colorful use of your scraps. Always amazing what you can do with simple squares. Can't wait to see the border.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the scrappy and layout. What a cute little tin buddy!

Astrid said...

Mushroom is too cute! :) Love love love your scrappy quilt!

antique quilter said...

I love scrap quilts too! I love how you added the borders, looks great, My girls used to make beds like this too with scraps of whatever I was sewing at the time for their pet shop toys. thanks for bringing back those memories for me