Thursday, April 4, 2019


Feeling a lot better this week and just in time because Spring is trying to arrive. A few things are coming up here and there in the garden. We've also seen lots of birds, especially robins!
I have a very small collection of Liberty of London fat quarters and scraps that I've used sparingly. I've used scraps in a few small bags and small coiled rope bowls as well. There is a Liberty Kantha stitch along on Instagram and I've decided to join. You can make whatever you like, so I'm starting with a small piece that could become anything. I started by hand piecing a few scraps.

But of course since I had the scraps out I had to make a few small coiled rope bowls.

This is my first time doing Kantha stitching. I'm thinking I just could get addicted, I really love hand stitching.😀

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