Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Haven't posted in a while, because Friday was my Birthday and it turned into a "Birthday Weekend." I did a little piecing by hand and some machine piecing. Also I did some crocheting. I did this all on Friday, my actual Birthday. On Saturday I got a haircut, and my DH and DD decided to take me to dinner. Something just didn't seem quite right all day long ( you know, lots of phone calls and whispering). So when we got to the restaurant, you guessed it, most of my large family was there. SURPRISE! Sisters,Brother Nieces, we had a great dinner. The real surprise is that it was arranged by my 17 year old DD. WOW!
On Sunday my DH and I went shopping for most of the day and we brought home Chinese Take Out for dinner. So lucky me, no cooking or dishes for the whole weekend!
This is what I worked on. Remember the Sherbet post?

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