Saturday, April 29, 2023

Last of the Purple

 This week I finished up with my purple scraps. I stitched the half square triangles and put the rest of the scraps away. Of course there are more, I didn’t make a dent.

I was able to pull out the batik strips and make a few coasters. After resisting forever, I’ve decided to add them to my shop in sets of 2 and 4.

I’ve been itching to make a few bags for my shop with the stack of canvas I have. This blue floral print is one of my favorites so here’s the first bag. Lots more are in the works.

And last but not least, l thought it was time to use some of the tons of yarn I own to make items I can 
actually wear. I love making shawls but I’m always so hot I almost never need one. So I see lots of crochet tops and cardigans in my future. This is a top I started, doesn’t look like much yet. 

I’m linking up with the RSC. Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Scrappy Purple

 I got to play with the purple scraps a little this week. Between itchy eyes, scratchy throat and my stuffy nose. My allergies are exceptionally bad this Spring. 🤧 

I made the half square triangle blocks (which need piecing) and the MP blocks.

I also made this little scrap block from a bag of small purple scraps. Don’t remember where it came from.

As I was working on getting the fabric/yarn room organized I came across a zippered bag of strings. I love string quilts so I dug in and started making scrappy blocks. It’s happy mindless sewing. ☺️

I’ve made some progress on my evening crochet projects. 

This one is Tunisian crochet. It’s only my third Tunisian project so I’m still trying to get comfortable with it.

Hoping to get in more sewing and a little garden work next week. We’ll see what happens. I’m linking up with the RSC

Go enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Purple Week Three

 The RSC for April is purple. It’s one of those colors I don’t have a lot of along with red. 

I did manage to cut enough scraps for my 9 patch blocks. I plan to do the half square triangles and Martin’s Pennies blocks next week.

It’s Hands 2 Help time again. If you’d like info, check out Sarah’s blog. Confessions of a Fabric Addict. I have one quilt that needs quilting and one that might need a border. 

This week I started working on a scrappy version of a Fast Four Patch quilt. I’m using lots of leftover charm pack squares that I’ve cut down. Now that the four patch blocks are complete, I’m trying to decide on fabric for the alternate squares. I got the pattern from Amy’s blog.

Spring has sprung here in Hatfield and I haven’t been able to down much of anything in the garden because the pollen is horrific this year. 😩
I’m linking up with the RSC. Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Last Green Scrap Saturday

 Well it was a very gray week in Hatfield Pa. I’ve been hoping to start working in the garden, but this wasn’t the week! I had lots of indoor time. I changed the bedding and curtains in my bedroom over to the nice bright Spring colors. I even ordered new covers for the club chairs. 😄

Progress was made in the sewing room too. I dug into the green scrap bin and made my 9 patch blocks.

I also made a few of the Martin’s Pennies strips.

And finally yesterday was a coiled rope marathon. I made five coiled rope trivets for my Etsy shop. These four

and this green one to end the day!

I’m slowly getting my cro-jo back. I’ve started and undone at least 6 or more projects over the past 2 weeks. I finally settled on this and have made a little progress.

Here’s hoping there’s lots of sun next week so I can work in the garden. 😄 I’m linking up with RSC2023.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Green Scraps and Purple Bowls

 I did mange to get a bit of sewing in this week. I played around with my green scraps and completed these half square triangle blocks.

Each month I've had a few of these half square triangles left over so I'm thinking maybe a nice colorful pinwheel quilt at the end of the year. 

I worked on a new bowl with leather handles.

I also finally put the finishing touches on this one that's been sitting around for a while.

I'm linking up with Angela. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, March 11, 2023

A No Green No Sew Saturday

 It was one of those weeks where I had so many plans but I just couldn’t get started. I piddled around here and there and just never really worked on anything.  So here sit my green scraps ( I did get a new cutting mat) untouched.

I put up a temporary design wall in the sewing machine room and pulled out one of my on going 2 1/2” square projects.

I started a few blocks for a table runner using this pattern from Cynthia.

I’m really hoping to get my sewjo back soon. It’s not just my sewjo, I didn’t do any crocheting this week either. 😳
I’m linking up with Angela. I’m sure the others have made lots of wonderful things with their green scraps!

Enjoy your weekend! 💚

Tuesday, February 28, 2023


 Played around with a few scraps. My favorite thing to do! I needed to make a place for my random size strips. There are lots of strings so maybe time for a string quilt. 

Yesterday I did a couple of QAYG thingys. 

Did the binding on the machine on this one and it looks terrible. Good thing it’s just a plant sit thing. I plan to hand stitch the binding on the second one.

I also finished my Table Scraps item for this month. The letters this moth were M and/or V. This is my Very tiny Make! 😁 It measures 2 inches! Linking up with The Joyful Quilter.

Found this as I was gathering strings, so I guess it’s next up in the “to be quilted “ line.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Last Pink Saturday

 I got lots of projects completed this week. I had a request from my baby sis for a pouch to hold a few of her bowling accessories. I thought this was the perfect fabric!

Lots of coiled rope bowls were made this week. A delivery of large wooden beads was put to good use.

I got to complete another evening crochet project. It’s a shawl made with a cotton gradient yarn. This one was started in June of last year. 😄

And finally I did a little pink scrap bin sewing. I need to make one more of these blocks in pink.

I had a good week in the sewing room and I hoping for a better one next week. There are lots of quilting and zipper pouch ideas floating around in my head. 

I’m linking up with Angela at RSC.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Not Much Pink

 I had a pretty good week as for as projects go. This week in “the great sewing machine move” I thought it would be a great idea to move my pieced projects to the closet in the machine room. I also moved my containers of cut strips and squares to the top of the closet. Before they were on the table with the machines and needed to be moved every time I wanted to sew. 

I found two table toppers and a table runner that had batting and backing and just needed quilting so I quilted them and put the binding on. 

I also found these blocks from last years RSC. I didn’t think I had enough but when I laid them out I was happy with how they looked. So I sewed them up and have 1 more flimsy to add to the closet. 

I also finished my evening crochet project, finally. It still needs to be blocked.

And finally a few pink scraps. Three more rows for the Martin's Pennies quilt.

I'm linking up with RSC. Go check it out!
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 4, 2023

February in the Pink!

 So happy that February’s color is pink. I love pink, although that wasn’t always the case. When I was younger I really didn’t like pink at all.  Now I have more pink scraps than any other color. So I pulled a few together and started my 9 patch blocks for this month.

I also made a start on an improve block and made a coiled rope bowl. The bowl is my first project completed in the new machine room. 

The old sewing space is a mess right now. I need a trip to IKEA for a Kallax shelf unit. After that it will become a giant walk in fabric/yarn space. 

I’ll get better pictures of the machine room once we find the sun. 😊
I did finish my hat and just in time for the very cold weather we had yesterday! I still have a skein of this yarn left and I’m thinking of making a pair of mittens to match.

I’ve got lots of ideas floating around in my head and I’m hoping to get lots done in my new space this year.
Go check out So Scrappy to see what others have made this week.

Enjoy your weekend!