Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Scrapbag

I worked on a few very scrappy string blocks today. Soon to be gifts. Some of these strings came from a string swap on my In Love With Strings group. I'm really liking the spring colors, so these will be controlled string blocks. Controlled but scrappy.

In my previous post I did not tell the whole story about making the challenge quilt and the new scrap baby quilt.

So here's the story. I had an iron whose temperature I could not control ( something happened to the dial). So about 10 months ago I bought a new one. Right in the middle of making the challenge quilt it stopped working. Dead nothing. So I got out the first iron which my Wonderful Husband said he fixed. I pressed 2 seams and the next thing you know the worst burning wire smell started coming from it. So there goes iron #2. Finally I had to dig out the old iron my Wonderful Husband used before we were married. It is approximately 25 years old. It worked. It's still working. So what does that say? They don't make things like they used to? This weekend I will most likely be looking for a new iron. Again!

1 comment:

Dee said...

I'm a huge fan of string quilts and these blocks are sew lucious!

Irons. Curling irons. We do not mix well! So glad you had a back up, back up!