Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Scrapbag

This is one of my UFOs. I made these blocks in the summer of 2008. I don't know why I didn't sew the blocks together at that time. I remembered them when I was rearranging the sewing room and came across a stack of fabrics leftovers from these blocks. I really like the pastel colors of these blocks. It has a kind of 30's feel. I think I'll move them to the head of the UFO pile.

This is my loyal and trusty 'Nina. She's been with me quite a while. I was a little worried that all of the machine quilting on my tote bags and quilts would wear her out. So she will now only be used for some piecing and decorative stitching. I will be using my new Juki TL98Q for all of my machine quilting. I got it yesterday and so far I think I like it. It's a whole lot faster than my 'Nina. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I remember being a little intimidated by my 'Nina because she is computerized. Now we're the best of friends.
Have a great weekend and do some quilting!


Star said...

Gorgeous colours in your blocks and I love the rosette in the middle. I'm fairly new to quilting and so I appreciate most things, which appear new to me.
Very nice sewing machines. I have two Singers and love that one of them has a needle threader on it.
Blessings, Star

Betty said...

Congrats on the new machine. You will love that extra throat space for quilting.
Its a nice surprise when we run across a forgotten project. Sometimes we get tired of a quilt before its finished and setting it aside for a while helps us remember why we liked it in the first place. It will make a really cute quilt!

Joan said...

Hi Char, Nice to see what you are doing. Interesting too to see your new machine. I have a Bernina 440 and I really love it now...hated it at first. What made you choose the Juki? I dont think I have heard much of them is Oz. Loved your blog ♥ Block on your Juki is lovely.

Exuberant Color said...

I have the Babylock which is very similar to the Juki and I love it. More room for the quilt, faster speed, wonderful straight stitch.