Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wayback Wednesday

This blue and white quilt was my second quilt. It was made for my husband, "The Fisherman." I used half square triangles to make what I thought looked like fish. With this quilt I didn't use a pattern and thought I was very creative. It is completely hand quilted. At the time I thought it would take forever. I've since learned the quilting went fast as this is a very small quilt.
He loved this quilt and used to keep it in the SUV, but now it has been retired because he has a new one.

Almost forgot, the name of this quilt is: Catch 'Em Two at a Time Baby!

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Dee said...

Love this quilt! The colors and the shapes of the fish. I didn't get it until the second picture! Very clever and creative.

I got the book yesterday and my youngest son was very impressed with the quilts in it! He opened the package in the car for me on our way to pick a brother up and he browsed the book and checked out all the pictures!

I'm waiting for this afternoon to take my time and look through them all. Thanks ever so much again!

Happy, happy weekend!