Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Sunday

It's been so hot here this weekend, but that's ok. Warm weather has brought me surprises. While I was out doing yard work I discovered these. The Clematis are blooming!


Dee said...

Is that a Blue Light clematis? I have one of those blooming now too! Aren't they lovely!

Betty said...

Those are beautiful! We had heavy rain and storms all weekend. The sun is shining this morning, but it is still too wet to get in the garden. Have a wonderful day!

Star said...

and the clemetis is a beautiful plant, isn't it. My favourite is the dark blue one. I had one of those once and I kept it in a pot by the front door. Every year I would wait for it to flower and when it did, wow, it was so wonderful, it took your breath away.
You are lucky to have two of these beautiful plants.
Blessings, Star