Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Scrapbag

Hello, My name is Charmaine and I am a Fabriholic! I really don't know when it happened.
I was looking for a piece of beige linen that I thought I'd purchased a while back. When I came across this drawer full of fabric scraps, all nicely folded except one (it was rolled). I don't remember doing this, but I must have. Most of the fabrics in the drawer are also included in the Oklahoma Back Roads quilt. A few of the pieces are leftover from things I made for my DD. There's even a piece from the Halloween quilt which was used in my DD's kindergarten class. I guess they've been tucked away here since last year? Oooo, or maybe longer.
Any way I'm thinking if I don't remember a stash of fabric, maybe my stash is too big......... Nah

There's no such thing as too much fabric!

By the way, I never did find the beige linen!
Have a great weekend!


Star said...

It's gone into the fifth dimension, along with a lot of my stuff, I expect. I enjoyed looking at your bits of fabric. Have a lovely stitching weekend.
Blessings, Star

Betty said...

You are not alone... there are many of us with this addiction. I personally am not looking for a twelve step program, unless it involves visiting twelve fabric shops and making a purchase at each one.
The beige linen will turn up one day when you are looking for something totally different.

Gina said...

Welcome to the club! I'm a fabric addict, too.

Vesuviusmama said...

I agree, no such thing as too much fabric. It is great to have options when you are looking for something to add to a project, especially if you can't find that one fabric you had in mind (the beige linen).