Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Pictures!

For the last four days I've been working on a quilt for one of the teachers at the school were I volunteer. She is expecting a baby boy in July. It's a disappearing 9 patch. I like the colors and the way the piecing turned out. I am really proud of the quilting that Jasmine and I did. (she pats herself on the back) Actually, I liked almost everything about it.
But sadly in my haste to make sure it was finished and wrapped in time for my last day of school today, I forgot to take pictures!
The photo below is the only reminder. It's a leftover block.

I'm hoping one of the teachers will be able to get a picture for me.


1 comment:

Raewyn said...

Gorgeous colours for a baby from what I can see here.. Needing a photo may be a good excuse to visit the newborn later on..?