Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Anniversary!

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary! Since my husband is on the road we will celebrate this weekend. I just want to say I love being married to such a wonderful man! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEYMAN!!!!!The Picnic Parade quilt is totally finished. Yea!
We've had rain here on and off and I haven't been able to get a good picture but I thought I'd show it any way. (Shay, these pictures are for you)

I used Moda muslin along with the Picnic Parade and solid brown (don't remember who makes it). On the back I used two strips of Connecting Threads fabric that came in a scrap bag and just happened to match. I really like the Moda muslin I used it in the Nouveau Four Patch quilt also. It's not like your grandmothers muslin and has a great color that's not too white and not like that beige unbleached stuff. It's very soft , but holds up well like any good cotton.
I 'm going to spend the rest of the day working on a new project and crocheting a few dish cloths.
I hope you get to be creative today!
I almost forgot, thank you for the suggestions on the Pepto quilt. I'm still working on it
GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you. I hope you enjoy the weekend celebrations. 19 years is quite an achievement! Big one next year huh?

I had to stop myself squealing with delight over the pictures of this quilt (Little P and everyone else is still asleep here and I dont want to wake sleeping beasts)

It turned out so beautifully. I adore it. I bought some brown Bella solids last week so I can copy the heck out of this quilt at some point next year.I love the pieced back too. Sweet!

Dee said...

Happy Anniversary and my hat is off to a couple who have beat the odds, been committed to each other and are proving that Love can last a lifetime!

As a hammock fan, let me just say I love this picture of the quilt!

Raewyn said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Love the picture of the quilt in the hammock - the browns look great with the brights.

Carrie P. said...

Happy Anniversary! late.
Your quilt is beautiful.
Thanks for coming by to see my fat cat ornament.