Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas scenes II

More Christmas scenery. View from the Foyer. This was the first year I used real pine roping. I have had enough of the faux stuff. It's not so easy to work with, but I love the look. 

Mini tree in Foyer.

Kitty Cat tree in the living room. This tree has all Cat ornaments except one. That one is a mouse!
I made these Truffles for Christmas eve dinner, and they were a big hit!  Yum!


Dee said...

How very festive and the yummies are expcially sweet!

creativedawn said...


I'm getting into my car and heading to your house...those truffles look DEEEEELICIOUS!!!! Your greenery is stunning!
Happy New Year!


Shay said...

Mmmmmmmmm truffles. They look so yummy!

The kitty cat tree is sweet. We had a Little P tree this year since he was so interested in touching the big tree.

I want a house with stairs so I can festoon the rails!

BJ said...

Your decorations are great, but you know I'm really drawn to those wonderful looking truffles! Yum!