Thursday, December 23, 2010


 We had to do it! By now you know that I have a Nutcracker collection. Yesterday my wonderful husband and I went out to one of my favorite shops ever, Ten Thousand Villages. There's are thrift shop in the same center that we visit sometimes so we decided to check it out also.  
Look what we found! This poor little follow has certainly had a hard life. He has no hair, it's all completely gone. It looks like he's had some injury also, as evidenced by the nail in his back.

He was on sale for $.50. So we had to bring him home. We'll clean him up, fix his injury and even give him hair plugs!

And he'll have 30 or more new friends to play with!


Shay said...

Good on you for bringing this wounded little nutcracker home!

I do this with teddy bears at the thrifts stores all the time. If they look sad I bring them home with me....

Betty said...

I'm glad he found a good home where he will be loved and respected!
I have a thing for the little naked baby dolls at thrift stores. They need me to take them home and dress them. One Christmas my hubby got me a baby doll that was wearing only a diaper. He said it looked like it needed me!

creativedawn said...

Merry Christmas Char!

Yes, those are some wonderful nutcrackers in your heading! Have a lovely holiday!


Stray Stitches said...

It was meant to be! A new home for the nutcracker with someone who will love him.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!