Monday, September 12, 2011

Watch Out! Empty Nesters on the Loose!

I found a few things to add to my sewing space while traveling around with my Wonderful Husband this weekend.Sewing Room Pics 002

Favorite find. Aluminum tray, 2 tiers! Yes,it’s perfect for all the junk, uh notions that are usually scattered around my sewing table.. Also you may notice a few charm packs from Connecting Threads.

Sewing Room Pics 006 Also this glass cake stand I found at The Salvation Army store. A STEAL AT $1.99! Yes! (pay no attention to the cat curled up in the chair on the left)

We stayed out all day long! I think I might like this “Empty Nester” thing!


Stray Stitches said...

I love my girls so don't get me wrong, but we thoroughly enjoy being an 'empty nester'. Great finds :)

Shay said...

Our last chick flew the nest last November and my house has never been so clean and quiet.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the change!

Victoria said...

Great finds! The cake stand is wonderful!

Kathy said...

Great ideas for storage, hmmmmmm. Cake stands are one of my favorite things.

Raewyn said...

I'm with you ---love them to bits and love the visits but thoroughly enjoy the empty nest thing too!!(Although the pets' antics sometime make us wonder if we really are empty nesters!!)Never thought of using the tiered plates for storage - what a fun idea.

Smorgasborddd said...

:( You don't miss me, do you?