Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Sewing This Week?


I don’t think I’ll be doing much sewing this week. I’m working on a few crochet projects (can’t knit) and I’ve finished a few recently.



                      CROCHET 112

                           Hat made for DD


                        CROCHET 187 

                             Cowl made for me 

                  CROCHET 179 

                           Shawl made for me

                     CROCHET 185


                       CROCHET 194

                             Shawl in progress

I also plan to make lots of cookies and maybe even some candy!

Do you make candy at Christmas? If you do, what candy is your favorite to make?


Betty said...

Beautiful Christmas tree! My favorite candy to make is fudge.

Sheila said...

Beautifully decorated room.
I don't make candy at Christmas, but I have been known to eat a few boxes of chocolate covered cherries :D