Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What’s Working on Wednesday

Not much is working here. I’m “torn between two lovers”! The first one being this

                   House 029

and the second one is this

                   CROCHET 298

Do you have a problem like mine? How do you get things completed?

I have made a little progress with the baby quilt. My next step is to add a 2.5 inch white border and a second border of piano keys.

                    Creations 216

I’m liking up with Quiltsy today for WIP Wednesday.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well I like to sew during the day and do hand work at night, so you can get both things done in the same day.

Jerimi said...

Oh man, I love that your "first lover" photo has a little devil in it. Too perfect!

My "two lovers" are actually three. :P Sewing, writing, and website development. Go figure. I find I have to designate days to each task, so I don't neglect anything.

Thanks so much for joining up at Quiltsy!

ps. You need a little angel doll to hang out with your amazing yarn.

Star said...

Yes, I have the same problem, if you can call it that. I allocate an hour to each hobby and that way I usually get a little of everything done each day (including housework - smile).
Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
You have a very organised stack of cloth there ready for quilting.
Your yarn looks delicious.
Please tell me how you do the white stitching on your quilts (it holds the top to the batting). I'm doing mine by hand and it is taking ages!

Shay said...

Im so thankful I dont have two major hobbies . That way I dont even have to try to make the choice.

Cant you do both at the same time? You're uber talented !

soscrappy said...

As long as you are working on something you will keep making progress. Sometimes it is liberating to have options. Lovely quilt. Piano key borders are so muck fun.

Michelle said...

Grab the first project that inspires you and work on it for a while and don't worry about whether you're playing with yarn or fabric. I recently dug out my cross stitching supplies and now I'm torn between three favorite hobbies.