Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What’s Working on Wednesday

Don’t tell anyone but I’m supposed to be working on craft bazaar items. Needed a little distraction so I thought I’d pull some fabrics for this quilt.

                photo 3

I’ve got two stacks here,

                   photo 1

                 photo 2

but I’ve been thinking I might use these fabrics that where gifted to me. These are the ones I’d like to use but using them would mean I’d need to purchase more fabric. I’m seriously trying not to do that!

                feed sack

In other news it was a good weekend for me. I got new shoes! ( really needed them)


And DH got me a new handmade shopping tote!


One year ago today it looked like this at my house.

                 photo (80)

Remembering those who lost much more than we did to hurricane Sandy.


Shay said...

Love those shoes ! And that bag !

Stephanie said...

Love that quilt and you have some great fabrics to play with!

B J Elder said...

So much eye candy to take in in just one blog! Fabric.... shoes.... bag. YUM