Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What’s Working on Wednesday


I’m still working with scraps over here. This week it’s been mostly pink scraps. I finished making the 6 scrap mug rugs for a swap. I’m getting hand knit socks in return! Can’t wait! Believe it or not I forgot to get pictures before I mailed the mug rugs but I do have this peek at one of them.

          photo (79)


I finished piecing this last week and I’m hoping to quilt it soon. I got these scraps in a destash.

           photo (61)

I also got these in the same destash and I need help selecting a binding.

           photo (62)

Here are my choices. What do you think?

          photo (74)

Today we are preparing for yet another snow storm. This one is supposed to bring 10-14” of snow in my little town. I’ve always liked snow but even I have had enough of this winter!

I’ve linked up with Quiltsy and WIP Wednesday.



DianeLoves2Quilt said...

I like the white pinstripe as a binding running the white lines radiating outward, not along the binding. ALthough I really like the one that looks like beads on a string I think the pattern would get lost unless the binding is pretty wide. Love your de-stash combinations.

thebutterflyquilter said...

I like the pinstripe one also!! Pretty!

Kathy Kinsella said...

Great to exchange your quilting talents for a friend's knitting talents!

Stephanie said...

Sweet hearts and polka dots. Love your scrappy project. It's like carefree sewing.

~Diana said...

I say polka dots for your binding...lots of fun projects here!

Gina said...

love the fabrics you've used for the mug rug. I would use the white/cream that you've used in the quilt for the binding, but I also like the pinstripe xx