Friday, May 23, 2014



Hand stitching the binding on a quilt is one of my favorite parts of the quilting process. I don’t usually hand stitch binding on mug rugs and table runners though. I use this tutorial by Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.

Before trying this method there was lots of “unsewing” going on. Since I’ve been using this method my bindings have been close to perfect.

But recently I discovered this!

               photo (2)

I used this little glue bottle and it changed everything! No more placing thousands of pins only to have them stab me as I’m trying to stitch the binding. No more removing clips as I sew the binding. Just a little stream of water soluble glue, press and sew! Just perfect!

              photo (5)

              photo (6)

Here is a video of Sharon Schamber demonstrating the glue basting method. There are many other “how to” videos out there if you want to try this method.

              photo (7)

Happy me! Great binding!


Gina said...

I must admit to cheating with bindings as I normally machine stitch them down. I don't have the patience ( or eyesight) for hand stitching xx

FlourishingPalms said...

Sharon's method works beautifully. I use it on quilts I want to enter in ishows. It's nice of you to share this with your blog-readers.

Dee said...

Beautiful blues...awesome binding tip! Thanks!8