Monday, March 22, 2010


I spent most of the weekend changing my sewing room around. I saw pictures of someones sewing room on Quilt With Us and I got an idea that is a solution to an ongoing problem. I've never had enough room behind my sewing machine for machine quilting. My machine was sitting on a computer desk at one end, TV in the center and ironing area at the other end. My cutting table was on the other side of the room. Seeing the pictures, it dawned on me to switch the sewing and cutting table. I just had to adjust the table legs. Sounds simple right? Well I didn't take into consideration all the junk that was piled on the cutting table. So needless to say it turned into a cleaning and purging event. Now I have a stack of books and fabric to give away and donate, but I'm loving the new set up. Just in time too, because I'll be getting a new Juki machine soon. (had to save for it, took awhile) So I must say I had a very productive National Quilting Day, even though not much quilting was done!

I said in my profile that I enjoy hand embroidery. Here is a sample that will become a pincushion soon.


BJ said...

Hope you post your new set up - it is always fun to see the different rooms and set ups. Your stitchery is really nice - what a fun pincushion it will be.

Dee said...

Ooh, love hearing about sewing spaces and ideas. You'll have to take pictures!

The embroidery looks wonderfully sweet!

Kristen said...

Have fun with the new machine.

Nice embroidery!

Reminds me that my profile says cross stitch. Oops. :)