Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Scrapbag

Remember this little scrap quilt? This is a close up of the quilting I've done on it with Jasmine. (new Juki) I'm in the process of binding it and when that's done it will get some hand stitching. Maybe even some embellishments.
It was hand pieced and I almost hand quilted it, but I thought just a few hand stitches would be better.

My Lilies and Irises are blooming! Have a look.

Have a great weekend!


Star said...

Your 'scrap quilt' has lovely colours in it.
Is that your weekend project?
The lily is gorgeous and so is the beautiful iris.

Jackie said...

Love the quilt! The flowers are just gorgeous! The color of the iris is stunning.

beth said...

Your quilting looks great! I have a juki too. They are great for quilting, don't you think?

Dee said...

Oh wow! The quilt is gorgeous and the flowers just blow me away! A green thumb and she can quilt! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!