Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Week

 This week is really ending on a high note for me! First on Wednesday evening DD and I had to take her MP3 player back to Walmart as she's been having problems with it off and on since Christmas. After we found her a new one and the exchange was made I thought I would check the fabric dept. to see if they had any of the Pellon 80/ 20 cotton/poly batting I like. Well this is me doing the happy dance. They only had about 2 1/2 yards but it was on clearance at $2.00 a yard. That's not all, they had a new bolt (still in plastic) of the 50 cotton 50 bamboo batting. It was on clearance at $3.00 a yard! YES, I bought the whole bolt! I will be visiting the other Walmarts in my area this weekend to look for more of the 80/20.

So fast forward to today. Jasmine and I were quilting away on a baby quilt for my sister's new grandson ( story of this quilt to follow at a later date) when the cat left the room and ran down stairs. So I decided I should go see what was up. Lucky me there was a package at the door. It seems some people in my family do actually read my blog. After reading my post about not having much read fabric, my sister sent me all of these lovely fabrics as a belated birthday gift! Thank you so much Toddy! (aka Natasha) 
Now I'm goin back to work, need to make something red by Saturday.


Stray Stitches said...

You scored big time at Walmart. Is your Walmart losing its fabric department? I'm going tomorrow to check mine out. Beautiful red fabrics! That's the color that's lacking in my stash also.

Shay said...

$3.00 a yard for batting? Im insanely jealous. I just got that for 14.00 a metre and thought I was getting a complete bargain!

Well done.

Betty said...

Great find on the batting! So nice to have a sister that knows what you really want for your b'day.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow! You need to be my personal shopper....grin.

Sarah Craig said...

None of our WalMarts have fabric any more - you are so lucky! And I love your red fabrics - I've got a red quilt up on the design wall right now so I've been scouring my stash for more red!

Star said...

Oh blow! now I'm gonna have to go and check out my Walmart tomorrow. What's the betting they've stopped doing it too. Bother.
Love your red fabric. It's delicious.
The picture on your heading - the one on the right - with all the triangles, did you do that by hand or on a machine? Looks like it must've taken ages. It's ever so pretty.