Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The "S" Word and The "T" Word

Spring is here! We are so happy! We're even going to get some of the "S" word this week! No not the sun. Snow! Can you believe it. we are supposed to get wet snow 2 days this week. Well I guess it really doesn't matter much anyway, I'll be stuck inside doing taxes.

Well on to much more pleasant things. On National Quilting Day I visited a fabric store in Phila. Here's the loot. The zippers were 10 cent a piece so I picked up a few for cosmetic bags. My wonderful husband and I spent all day Sunday lugging limbs, branches and twigs to the backyard and burning them. It really looks like the pile grew. The teenager said, "Doesn't look like you did much." It may not look like it, but let me tell you my sore body knows I was doing something!
I hope to get a chance to finish the tumblers this week.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great buy on zips! Love the stick figure kids fabric, too cute.

Shay said...

Looking past the zips (because after Friday night I am still not recovered ) I love the stick figure fabric too!

If you were hurting Monday it means you worked hard on Sunday. I bet you slept well Sunday night!