Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nothing Finished

Still not a lot getting completed here. I made potholders on Mother’s Day and tried a new (to me) quilting pattern. It is true that practice helps! I can remember when I couldn’t do a meandering stitch.

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Here’s a look at a few of my Mother’s Day gifts.

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I’ve been itching to start some appliqué, now all I have to do is choose the fabrics.


LynCC said...

I *love* doing the heart-shaped ivy leaves. I find those much easier than meandering, actually. Weird, huh?

Shay said...

I recall that I still cant do a meandering stitch . Your pot holders look great!

Ive been ruminating and plotting and planning the last couple of weeks so Im not getting much finished either. It's all part of the creative process Char.

Star said...

I like the hearts very much. They definitely add something to the finished product.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I get into the 'in-progress' state - then they all seem to finish together and you start to say 'what's next' - all the process.

Mary said...

Hearts are one of my favorite things to quilt and yours look wonderful!