Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“Wayback” Wednesday

I haven’t done a new Wayback Wednesday post in a while, so today I have one that’s a bit different.

I’m feeling a little sad because my baby is a big girl now. I know I usually show a quilt but today in honor of big girl prom dresses and the like I have a picture of a dress I made years ago.

This is the dress I made for my daughter for Christmas 1995. I made many Christmas dresses for her but this is still my favorite. She was 3 years old and looked adorable in this velvet and satin dress and I think she knew it!                



                   Special 035


Shay said...

And it's a gorgeous dress Char.

It's sad when they grow up and decide they dont want to dress in frilly dresses anymore isnt it?

Betty said...

The dress is beautiful! Any little girl would feel special wearing it. I sewed for my son when he was little and also kept my favorite outfits, hoping for a grandson to wear them again. Who could happen!

Chris said...

I just saw this post - what a sweet dress! I saved a special dress I made for my "baby" - blue satin and velvet, with a white satin collar and sash. Both my babies wore it...they're now 20 and 25! Good luck with the next few months - you'll make it! and so will she. :)