Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What’s Working on Wednesday

After spending some time quilting (no problem with the Juki this time) my string quilt with the polka dot border

                         Scrap Thingy's 379

my neck felt a bit stiff, so I decided to work on something else for a while. Well when you have at least 14 PIPs sitting around begging to be finished what do you do?

                     Scrap Thingy's 376

Get out your scraps and start something new of course! I started some new string blocks. They are 6 x 8 1/2. I wanted to see what would happen if I stretched the blocks out a bit.

                          Scrap Thingy's 382

With these blocks I’m using my favorite, black and white for the center strip. I haven’t figured out where this is going yet, these blocks may even get cut in half! Don’t know, we’ll see.

There are still a few days left for the giveaway.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I like the idea of a 'stretched' string block. That just might make my day.

Sheila said...

I love strip block quilts. You have some very colorful scraps! and lots of them! You go girl!!

Vesuviusmama said...

I made quilt with stretched out string blocks, one of my favorites. I'm having trouble forcing myself into the sewing room this week. I think I'm burned out. I know it will pass, but for now, all I want to do is eat and sleep. Maybe some string blocks would bring me out of my funk... Yours are lovely.

Sandy Weaver said...

Beautiful colors! I love making scrappy quilts.